Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Giving Thanks!

I must say that this was the most laid back Thanksgiving we have ever had. It was just US! Me and my little family, minus Samantha. (she had to go into town)
There was no hurry to get the food done and no trying to make sure we were all primed and proper.
It was just a nice, slow holiday!

I'm so grateful for my amazing family! My husband is so awesome and is the most patient, kind, loving, spiritual being I have ever met. I'm a so blessed to have him in my life!

My children are my world and I'm grateful for them and all they bring to me. They make me laugh, cry, giggle, smile, frown and love more than I ever thought could be possible.

My parents are so amazing and I love them! I'm grateful for them and the love they have for me and my family!

My in-laws are great and they have been so welcoming. I love them!

My grandparents have been a blessing to me. I wouldn't be who I am without their hands in my life!

I am grateful for where I live. It is the most amazing place to be. I love that I learn everyday out here. Being in the country is such a gift.

I'm grateful to all of my friends and family who love and help me everyday.

During the holiday I didn't take any pictures of my feast, or my own kids... But I did have the amazing opportunity to take family pictures for our good friends the Reils. I'm still working on getting them all prettied up, but here is a little sneak peak...

If you look close enough both Chris and John are smiling.. That didn't happen in very many pictures...

Now we are onto Christmas time and I am SO excited. More excited than I have been in years!
This Saturday we are going to cut our tree... I'm also going to put lights up outside this year. I'm super thrilled...

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