Monday, September 2, 2013

How can it be???

How is it that it has been nearly a YEAR since I have blogged last? I feel like I am neglecting my duties as a human being!

Life is always busy! My camera isn't working.. Blogs are NO fun without pictures.. But I will blog about things that are going on currently..

My garden is amazing! If you need to see pictures, go to my facebook. Today the girls and I harvested potatoes and lettuce. I have tuns of squash and tomatoes, but the tomatoes aren't turning red yet. I'm getting a bit worried, but I know it will happen soon!

School is in full swing and the kids love it! The elementary kids all have a new teacher and he is pretty cool. He has a great family so that makes it even more awesome!

Summer 4H was great! Kylah and Morgan both participated. They did so good in all of the competitions they had!

Fall 4H is getting started here this month. The twins will be learning to rope this year and that is super exciting!

Sam is a little sewer and has become really good and crochet. I'm hoping a blanket will be under the Christmas tree for me..

Em is awesome! The boys are all amazing!

I love my family!

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