Friday, March 30, 2012

Super Slackin!

So I have really been slacking with my blog! BOO to me! I really had high hopes for me being better.. SO, today I will start to try again! 
Life is good. Living in the desert is great! We are really loving it especially me! The last couple of months have been really beautiful and lovely! The things that make it the best are my kids, husband and all of the baby critters that are around! So, here are some pictures! Enjoy!!!!! 
 Kylah and Helam at the Pinewood Derby
 Deer in the morning
 One of the cutest little calf's I've ever seen!
 Korban the serious and Gannon the goof!
 Elk on the ridge
 Emer and the apple!
 Me and my favorite person!
 ELK!!!!!  I have awesome video of them too...
 Kylah and her curls!
 Kylah on one of our walkabouts...  Korban and puppies...
 Astrid with muddy paws
 Getting ready to cross the stream on one of our walkabouts...
Kylah trying to convince the puppies to cross...