Monday, January 9, 2012


So I have been busy! Christmas time flew bye, along with the New Year and 5 birthdays and the birth of puppies! December is such a busy month for me! I'm grateful it is all over.

So here is the run down...

Samantha turned 14! 14...  She is now taller than I am and probably weighs less than Helam. Not really, but holy cow, this girl is a bean poll!

El turned 36. This makes him older than me!!! Okay he is always older than I am... But his maturity level sometimes is younger than me.

Emer turned 9. She is such a little spitfire and most of the time makes me want to take up drinking, but she is amazing!

This is the stack we got from all of the grandparents. This is much more than we were able to get the kids. I would say the grandparents all went overboard! But thank you to all of them for the wonderful gifts!

I turned 33. At least I think that is what I turned. Yep, I just did the math and I am 33. NO, I'm 34. CRAP! I just lost a year of my life!
Our amazing dog Sheba had two puppies! Astrid (the white one) and Thor (the brown one). I really can't believe she only had two. It boggles my mind! But they are SO cute and today they are 3 days old. They are also the fattest puppies I have ever seen!

Helam doesn't like to smile for the camera anymore, so this is as good as it gets! He turned 3 yesterday..  It was a very hard day for me. I cried alot and El had to pull me out of my slump more times than one.

We handmade gifts this year, and the boys each got a homemade rubber band rifle. They are pretty cool and we haven't had any black eyes with them yet!

Here is a random cow..  They are everywhere, and I LOVE IT!

Hopefully I won't be such a looser at blogging anymore. Sometimes I think it is harder than it really is.
Here is to a happy 2012. I am looking forward to all of the greatness it is going to bring.