Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The muggin of the cows...

So this past Saturday we had the pleasure of going to our Branch Presidents ranch to help them brand, tag, medicate and castrate their cows. It was such an amazing time! I have never before been part of something like this and I must say that I LOVED IT!!!!  I was down in the cow crap helping hold the cows down and helping tag them. I got chased by cows and bulls. It was amazing! One of the really funny parts was watching El tackle a yearling calf that wouldn’t go down. I thought to myself, WOW my husband should have been a football player!
It was really cold and the fog was crazy, but watching the cowboys and cowgirl rope the calfs/cow was awesome. My next goal is to learn how to rope. Then maybe one day I will be able to be that cowgirl who gets to rope… 
I asked Morgan if she would take pictures of us and she was very willing. So this is what she came up with before the batteries died…

YEP.. NOT one of El and I in with the cows.. Too funny! Overall it was such a great day. We were so happy to be able to help out. I hope we get to do it all again in the future!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

a calf met our car...

So you all know that a calf ran out of the brush and hit our car. The calf lived! HE LIVED!!! You have no idea how happy that makes me. I really don't have money to pay for a calf....  Here is the damage to the car. The windshield is being fixed today. El has fixed the door,so now it opens! YEEHAW!

What do you think of the "MacGyver" tape job? Totally awesome! Also, you are totally awesome if you know what I am referencing when I say "MacGyver" tape!!!

Not only has our car met a calf, it has also had some trauma with our oldest child. She ran it up and embankment the other night, the night she turned 14. She blew a tire, dented the bumper and broke the muffler... I'm just grateful it wasn't my van.. O and I am grateful that everyone survived... 

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Keepin Warm. Or at least tryin.

Out here in the wilderness we don't have a furnace...  I'm not to sure I like not having one, but I do like not having a gas bill! :)
So we have to make our way out (mostly EL makes his way out) to get our firewood for our wood burning stoves. I really love having the wood burning stoves. They make it nice and cozy in our home.
Here are some pictures of our recent adventure on gathering wood. Luckily this wood has been curing for a couple of years. We were super good planners on making sure we had wood when we were finally able to move out here! :)
Kylah showing off her mad wood gathering skills!
Morgan showing off her muscles! 
Emer being a cutie and trying to console Gannon who didn't want to gather wood. 
The boys should be working, but playing is much to fun! 
Korban finally helping!
Me being awesome with a chain saw!

El being super gorgeous! I love his lumberjack look! 

Making the wood gathering fun! 

All of us with our final load of the day.

Sam wasn't able to be here, because she was in town. We sure did miss her!