Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Summer wrap up...

Here it is September. Yep. Not one post published this entire summer. I'm lame. BUT for your viewing pleasure here are some pictures and little stories to go with them.

In June or maybe it was July my mom and my grandma came out to visit us. We decided to go to the Crystal Ball caves that are over in Gandy. They were pretty cool. The kids seemed to have a great time. The most exciting part of the trip is when we were done with the cave we were walking back down to our cars on a trail head and my Grams decided to fall down the mountain. Crazy girl...  Anyways, she had a fun stint in the hospital for a couple of days and got lots of stitches, but overall she did well for falling down a mountain!

Kylah competed in her first 4H competition. She was so nervous, but she did really well. Here she is with Daisy. Kylah is loving 4H and right now she is working on her working ranch horse 4h training. I can't wait to see how she does there!

 YUMMY! Ellie loves popsicles!
 Gannon, Sam and Breck..
Athena enjoying the tire swing..
My sister Crystal and her family came out and visited with us the last part of July. That was a great trip! We wend on 4 wheeler adventures. I crashed and banged my leg up pretty bad, but no biggie!!!!  It was so great to see my sister Crystal. I'm grateful that her hubby likes us enough to visit us..

The hummingbirds love the feeder. I just love to watch them fight over who owns it. Don't they know its me???

These are from Kylahs final show in August. She is riding Bummer. The other horse that she had been working with Daisy, got a bummed leg so she had to start to ride Bummer. He is a great horse. You can tell that she is getting her confidence a bit...

I was finally able to get pictures of the wild horses that are around here... They are so awesome!

 Our Family in front of our church building. 

Korban turned 8 in July, so this was a special time for all of us. He was baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. El did a great job and Korbans blessing was amazing! After this last shot was taken, El couldn't get the plug out so Korban swam around in the font until El could get it to work. He really thought that was pretty cool.

We went on an adventure up to Mallory Cave. The kids had a fun time. Well all except Helam. He fell into a cactus and that wasn't much fun. But the kids sure loved it!

Here is Kylah and Morgan dissecting their snake... YUCK.. but it was a great achievement for them.

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