Monday, April 30, 2012

Warm Springs

   A couple of weeks ago I started to go a bit stir crazy! The weather has teased us quite a bit out here and I just wanted to get out and explore! Boy o boy do I choose the wrong times to explore, but this was a well worth trip. El and I packed up all of the kids and our friend Angie met us down the way and we headed off to warm springs... What a great trip, other than the cold 41 degrees and a storm decided to blow in on us after being there for about a half hour, but it was SO worth it! The kids had a blast and so did El. Me, well I'm not one to get in the water to often so I took lots and LOTS of pictures! So with out further adieu here are some of the hundreds! 

With these ones here, I forbade anyone to get into the water before I took some scenic pics...  I really like how they turned out...  So beautiful! 

Here are all the "kids"... El was a trooper being in the water! It is a good thing it is warm.... Or I think it would have been a NO GO.. 

El showed the kids where the under water cave starts. They all decided to go into the first little cavern. I am so claustrophobic that I would never be able to go in there, but the kids all liked it and it is good that our kids have a "cool" parent who shows them cool stuff...  El tells me that there are many other caverns under there, but I'm not going to see for myself. Also, there are parts that you have to swim under the water for a bit to get to. UM.. NO THANKS!
I can't wait to take our kids back and anyone else who wants to come for that matter.... Come on over and visit us and I'll take you to this treasure!

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  1. What a cool little spring! I want to come and explore it!