Monday, April 16, 2012


Look at how cute my puppies were...  This was just a couple of days after they opened their eyes. If I would have know how naughty they would become I would have given them to the circus!!!  Okay maybe not, but woozers! These dogs are nuisances!

 This is their first adventure outside... They loved it!

the might THOR! 
 Also, look at how FAT they are.. O MY! With only two babies Sheba had plenty of milk to fatten them up! The crazy thing is, they would still fight while eating. I can't imagine having more than two puppies!
tubby Astrid
Here they are now.. 3 months old. They love to come in the house and chase the cat. Poor pumpkin hates them! I have tried to take many pictures of them but they all turn out blurry because they can't hold still for more than a minute! Both of them have also taken up to chasing and killing my chickens. After much heartache from the loss of 4 of my hens I sought counsel from my Branch President who is a pretty amazing guy and has been dealing with critters forever, and since we haven't had any problems with them chasing or killing chickens! Thank goodness!

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